Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The name of my post doesn't make sense, right? Well, nothing here makes sense! This is my best attempt at being normal :D. Actually I have been thinking(yes,I did get tired after doing this:D). This name tells so much and yet nothing! I know, zyada philosophical ho gaya! Okay, fine! Enough of melodrama! I have to share a dream I had recently.

See, I am not much of a dreamer, like as in philosophical term but I dream regularly! Not as in winning the nobel peace prize(hahaha.....that will always be a dream only, anyways, doesn't suit me:D) or Ranbir Kapoor falling for me, I wouldn't mind that :D but I would love to break his heart, for a change(I know! I am dreaming while writing this post also! NO NEED TO REMIND). But when I mean dreams, I mean the literal ones which come while we are sleeping!(see, I enlightened you:D)
I dream a lot, sleeping wala dream, not the philosophical wala. Like, every time I sleep(vegeterian wala sleep, you pervert!) I can dream. There are very few nights when I don't dream. And not to forget, each one is SO interesting that I can dedicate a complete blog to it!

I wish I could do that! But I am very VERY VERY VERY lazy! I am so lazy that this could surely get me a nobel prize(if they had in this category) but because I am so lazy, I wouldn't have gone to collect it anyways! Now you get my point!

Once to explain my laziness, my mom told my dad (that day she was very angry as I  refused to help her in the kitchen- STOP LAUGHING, I know where my kitchen is!)
                                           If her(my) mother-in-law(MIL), by mistake, asked her(me) for a glass of water, she(me) would fill a glass of water, drink a sip, go to her MIL, spill all the water on her head, and bang her head with the same glass BUT she would do all this in her mind because she is too lazy to do that in real :(( 
There are many more definations about my laziness, according to my mom, but after listening to this I do give glass of water(fine, sometimes only!). Actually, you know what, whenever I see that someone is about to tell me some work, I go and sit in the loo to hide from that particular work:D And whenever I have guests, I suffer from diarrhea (jhuth-muth wala) so that I don't have to work! But, I miss all the good food:(

You must be thinking, why this dirty diarrhea! She can fake a fever! But, alas, my friends, I am very unlucky in this case:( I never, like NEVER get a fever. Last time I got a fever was five years back and I was so happy that I, flushed all the medicines so that I didn't get well soon:P I mean, its good to get the attention once in a while but this stupid fever doesn't come only! I sometimes feel like cutting an onion and pressing it under the underarm to get one, but, lazy me:D I did this once when I was in 5th std. I didn't finish my homework that day so I wanted to avoid going to school. I did place the onions, but still there was no fever. I forgot to cut the onions:/

Anyways, this post was supposed to be about my dream. This is a scary dream. Actually, I watched a horror movie, Nightmare on the Elm street that night before sleeping. Here is my dream:

I was in a crowded place, it was a wedding or a social gathering, I don't remember! I was playing with a swiss knife which was a gift  for my man from my last week's visit to Nainital (strange gift??I know! Best part is that I am planning to give it to him on Valentine's day:D) So I was playing with that knife and was giving different kinds of poses with it before the mirror. And all of a sudden :O
...........to be continued.....hehahahahahaaha.......(SUE ME!)

P.S. I wrote this post after a long time. I was vacationing in Nainital, I was suffering from diarrhea(I had guests at my place:D) and I am lazy. I have so many things to write but lazy me!

P.P.S The name of the post here is 'something something' because it has something of everything that
happened with me in my recent past and I promise to continue it soon(pukka wala promise). And thank you all soooooooo much for liking and encouraging me to write more:) Love you all!!!!!!!!



  1. Mna you definitely deserve an award for ur laziness :P
    ut I wud be thr to compete.
    Maybe you are so lazy that even when u win, you might send someone else to collect ur award :P

  2. hehe...thanks for the compliment but you know what,I am lazy to compete also:D

  3. Am sure your washbasin hasn't gotten fever either in the last 5 years with all the paracetamols you drained in it :). My first visit to your blog. Needless to say, its intriguing enough to visit again :)

  4. Too much concerned about my washroom? Thank you soooooo much for following:)