Monday, January 9, 2012


.......Bhag!bhaag bhaag D.K.Bose D.K.Bose DK Bose DK Bose DK bhaag(WAIT!!!!!!! I didn't literally mean it and anyways I wouldn't adress anyone as D.K.Bose I have the habit of completing the song even when I write and this post has no adult content*** in it) Okay!! Continue singing. WAIT!!!!!!! Read this post first.

So this post is about sabun, I mean SOAPS, DAILY SOAPS(as in Bond,James Bond).I am writing about daily soaps doesn't mean I am promoting them. Infact I HATE(read: hate in capitals) daily soaps! So here I am taking out my frustration on daily soaps through my blog(my family doesn't let me do otherwise). Fans of daily soaps........Please stay away.(abhi idhar tak padha hain toh continue kar na and please do comment)

                                     BADDE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN(Big ones are liked!!!!)

This sabun soap is about a rich tycoon marrying a simple girl(Wait! I am not supposed to be promoting this show) Okay,fine! Who doesnt't like big ones?????? Girls like BIG ones(remind me about my trip to Haridwar after this post) and Boys toh obviously like BIG ones only(I am talking about salary packages,God bless your mind!)
And not to forget the SMS that were making rounds which said "Pamela Anderson inspires a show on sony."(God knows what they meant:D)
But seriously apart from these needless big things(mentioned above)yeah,right!! We all like BIG cinemas,BIG bang theory,BIG boss etc.In short,we are a BIG fan of BIG things(I do not promote adult content).

                                    KUCCH TOH LOG KAHENGE(People might say something!)

Yeah! Right! You make such shows and expect people to stay quiet! In this show, a buddha doctor loves a young doctor and then there is a buddhi doctor who is always plotting against the young doctor! Guys,why can't you just go and save someone's life(I meant "ours")!
Anyways, one fine day, if the buddha doctor marries the young doctor to show happy endings(which will not happen unless 14 reincarnations, 50 generation leaps, 79 marriages, few plastic surgeries and what not will take place) will they change the name to "MAIN KYA  KARU RAM, I MARRIED AN OLD MAN". You fell in love, you married him, so for the sake of SHREE RAM, spare RAM!

No, I am not yet done!!!!

                                   BEEND BANUNGA,GHODI CHADOONGA(I will become a groom and sit on a female horse mare!)

Imagine a donkey sitting on a mare. That is what this show ia all about! Okay, jokes apart, I am totally clueless about this show. But this conversation shall explain :

MOM: Call dad and ask him if he will be late even today.(Its been around 3 weeks he is late and he was in office on 1st of January which happened to be sunday)
ME    : I am busy.(FYI, I was stalking a random profile with a hot display picture on FB) So you call.
MOM: I already did, thrice!
ME    : (Yeah! Right!) Still you want me to call? (I did call him and he informed he would be late.)
I tell mom and she looked worried. Why?? Well, she thinks dad is with his "WOH"(hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.............)
My dad will reach his seventies in just few years, will celebrate his 50th anniversay very soon, has lost almost all his teeth and is completely bald! Nothing, NOTHING (I do not promote adult content!) in this world will help him to have an affair.
What made her conclude this?  This particular daily soap where a family member has an extra marital affair.

 I always thought that things couldn't get more worse. Well, they can! My man calls me up and asks me to record these shows as he will be late! *banging my head on the wall*


P.S. I might write a PART 2 if anyone finds this funny(bear with me).


  1. I have never been a DAILY SOAP person..nor my mother. But my granny is addicted to one or two malayalam daily soaps :(
    Yes upping bigtime for Part 2:P
    Your mom is cute!

  2. Hehe I watch bade acche lagte hai.. Its better than other shows :P Atleast better than watching CID reruns :D :D Kuch toh log kahenge was initially growing to be a good story but then all this nonsense spoiled it :D :D
    I somehow still feel TV has a lil more sensible thing to offer now than a few years back or maybe now I watch only when I eat dinner :P
    I liked the humor in this post .. A part 2 would be great

  3. I hate daily soaps.. especially hindi ones. They just drag on and on and on..!
    Your guy watches soaps? My guy watches CID.. I dont know WHAT he finds so fascinating in that show but he always watches it.

  4. @Red:Its okay with one or two persons being hooked but imagine an entire family watching family drama together and giving their opinions :( Someone save me!

    @Maithili:I need not watch anything.My mad family talks,worries about these people.And yeah,they too have their dinner with these soap people only!

    @Girl:I love you for hating them! And don't even talk about CID.I think after 60 years,I would be telling my grandchildren that "In our times ACP Pradhyuman used to be semi bald and used to have black hair.Now he is completely bald!" World might end but definately not CID.

  5. Wow there are soaps like this too! I hate them, just like you.

  6. Totally agree!!!
    If you like my blog and you feel like drinking a sip of ABSOstyle with me, we could followed each other by GFC or wherever you prefer… :) I’ll be waiting for you!!!

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  7. Replies
    1. sacchi!!??!! Thanks man:) Will write one soon!

  8. Replies
    1. Ghanta busy! Well,little(very very little) busy and VERY VERY VERY lazy:D

    Yes. you can continue with a part 2.
    As for the 'plastic-surgeries-reincarnation', I guess our Indian television has kinda grown up now. Slightly. Leetle modernization in terms of "good people also drink whiskey"
    er. yeah. I kinda watched Bade-Ache-Log for a month.

    Kill me already. BIG but(t) in between - New Follower!

    1. Okay,now that I have your permission,I will for sure write part 2 and thank you soooo so much:)and Yes,there is a ittle bit modernization.Like little less jewellary and wearing light clothes while sleeping(no double meaning here:D)

  10. you should totally do a a part 2 :D

    1. really? You think so! Thanks:) Will surely start working on it now:)

  11. OMG!!!

    This is so freakingly hilarious CD :D :D :D

    Waiting for Part-2!!!

  12. I just HATE these daily soaps(actually I don't have a TV also :D). The only thing on TV 'm following is DID(over youtube of course). There are only bad and side effects of these soaps :-/
    Bechari maa, unki galti nahi hai, blame it on these daily soaps.
    And yes, part two is a good idea :)

    1. Thank God you agree!! Even I love DID.......not the judges remarks but dance is awesome!
      Aree yar....for Part 2 I have to watch these soaps na :( :D