Monday, May 21, 2012



It was midnight. It was raining and was pitch dark. There was silence all over the place except for the sound of rain. The night looked scary and creepy. Something about this night was spine- chilling. Although there was  heavy rainfall, one could not fail to see the full moon up above the sky. 

They were standing in the parking lot, waiting for the rain to stop. They came here to watch a movie. Almost everyone were gone by now. They were the only souls left there except for the watchman who was half asleep. Even the parking guy was nowhere to be seen. 

Even they should have left the place by now. But they were a bit hesitant because his wife was pregnant. They wanted to avoid any kind of risk. They decided to wait in the car until the rain stopped.

She was getting scared as every second passed. Her heart beats were increasing. Even the lights in the parking lot were slowly being switched off. She held her 'tabeez' tightly for support. She tied her hair into a bun as she once overheard her maid speaking that ghosts could occupy ones body easily when the persons hair was set loose.

What made her think of ghosts and stuff during her pregnancy! What was scaring her!

Something she did during her pregnancy which she should not have done. The result would have a bad affect on the baby. She was not superstitious but was prepared for the worst. The only thing that would cut the bad affect was a worse affect. Something even more dangerous than that bad one. She had to save her baby, no matter what! She had an inner feeling that this was 'THE' night.

She sat silently  in the car. Unknowingly, she fell asleep. She woke up later to find that she was alone in the car. It was not raining anymore but was still dark. She found out that her baby bump was gone. So, this was 'THE' night.

She got down from the car. She started looking for her husband and her baby. She found that the parking lot was not the same. It looked as if someone had destroyed the place. She had something in her hand that would protect her, her husband and baby. She started running all over the place. She found the watchman who was almost dead and had blood all over his body.

She started running faster. In one corner, she found the baby. She was in a shock but she had to remain calm. It was hard for her when the baby looked so scary!

The baby was on her husband trying to rip off its neck. He was drenched in blood. Her husband was helpless and was unable to do anything. She ran towards them. She took something out. It scared her husband. He screamed a "NO" in disbelief. He didn't want his wife to do so. He wanted to stop her but could not.

But she had no choice. Only this step would save her husband. About the baby, she was unsure. She stretched her hand and pressed
the 'ON' button of the mini- tape.

Immediately baby baby by Justina Barbie started playing. The baby left its father and put his hand around its ears. It started crying for its mom.  She ran towards the baby, hugged it tight and switched the mini-tape off.

FLASHBACK- She read 'Twilight' during her pregnancy. Days later, she found out that it will have an after-effect on the baby. She knew only 'poison killed poison'. So to break that effect, she HAD to take such a huge risk.

P.S. Don't try to go into the details of the story. Nothing would make sense! Don't even ask for explanation because I am not intelligent enough!

P.P.S. You are free to bang your head but make sure you do not bang it to your computer screen. 

P.P.P.S. On a hopeful note that you will continue to bear with me- 

Kursiyan! Wait......I meant Chairs!! Err......Cheers!!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


                         My "Awww" Moment :)

Me           - I am a bit childish!
My man- Would you like to take the journey of life and grow up with me? :)
Me           -
                   Mentally  - Awwwwwww!
                  Physically- *blush blush*

After 5 years-

                          My "Grrrr" Moment!!!!

Me                       - You love me?!?
My man            - Aur nahi toh kya baby, I love you! (What else baby, I love you!)
What I heard - Auro ki biwi, I love you! (Everyone else's biwi, I love you!)

Me                       -

                                 Mentally and physically- Grrrrrrrrrrr!

                                        My "Yay!" Moment :) :)

The little princess  who is not less than a princess awarded me with the versatile blogger award!  *Dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinka chika Yay ya Yay Yayy* 

So for the first time, I am doing an award and passing it to my fellow bloggers. :)

But before I take the name of those lucky winners, let me post and follow the rules.

Rules are-  

1. Create a new post.
2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award. 
3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers.  
4. State 7 random facts about you.

Thank you Princess!!!!!! You made my day! Now time to make someone else's day :)

Okay, before I do the award, let me tell you- I am not judging anyone. Frankly speaking, I am not smart enough to be a judge :P For me, every blogger is versatile because I blog just to read from you guys! But I plan to share, not pass, with these few fellow bloggers in no particular order.

* Drum-rolls please*

Visha  from Zack and Me is a pretty newly married girl who writes about her life with Zack. Read from her and you might envy her. All single people out there who are scared of getting married, just read her blog and you would want to get married immediately! No, her life is not a fairytale but it is everything that would make a life beautiful! 

Toffee from kismitoffeebar is the best thing that has happened to blogosphere. You read her name and you know it is love at first sight and you read her blog, you know its love forever!

Jas  from Going beyond the pages aka Jaspreet. Her blog is actually beyond the pages. She is many woman in one. Ever seen a picture where a woman has number of hands. That image comes to my mind when I think of her. Read her 'about me' section and you will believe me!

Kinara from Kshahzworld If, ever I have a daughter, I will surely name her Kinara. She is a cutie-pie. She is crazy and sensible. She is a perfect blend of how a girl should be and so is her blog. Just read her!

Rahul  from Crash and Burn I don't think I am capable of awarding him. C'mon, he is a senior to me in this blogging world and he is just AWESOME! You just have to read his "Rapist series" and "Zoo zoo chat" to fall in love with his blog!

Bikram  from Me and my Random thoughts Same is with Bikramji. Just visit his space and look out for the awards section. You will be speechless! He can write from anything to everything! He will scare you, make you laugh, make you cry. Enough said- He is THE versatile blogger!

Nihareeka  from Clandestine Musings I had to, HAD TO give her this award. Reading from her is like reading my own work! She is crazy and so am I. She is like my soul sister. She is completely new in the world of blogging but is following her favorite blogs even before she had a blog. Her comment for the first time as an anonymous reader on my blog bought a HUGE smile on my face :) She and her blog are my latest crush! :D Just go and show her some love :)

Now 7 random facts about me which I already did once and you can read it from here. Apart from these facts, more about me are-

1) I love to break things, a LOT! It doesn't mean that I keep on doing it. My mommy-in-law might not react positively if I do so but yes, she does give me empty bottles, useless jars and something which is no more required any more at home so that I can break, smash, kill and murder them :D

2) I am scared of staying and sleeping alone, even in day time.

3) The trains I travel in,  gets delayed. EVERY SINGLE TIME! The minimum hours till today is 8 and maximum is 11 to 13 :D

4) I don't know the correct counting of numbers in Hindi. I can count only till 20 without making mistakes and after that, its all- Well, lets not talk about it. (I am not proud of this fact!)

5) Whenever I am confused while taking major or minor or any decisions in life, I always do "Inki pinky ponky" and trust me, the decision is cent percent correct! Trust me, this trick has never, ever failed till today. *Touchwood* Even my man counts on it! :D

6) I always forget, every time about the location of my keys. I have the habit of keeping them in different places and the location always skips my mind :( I  , at times wish that there was some way, like when you don't find your cell phone, you give it a ring and you know where it is. Similarly, there should be something like this for keys too.

7) I hate to eat fruits when it is cut by others. Otherwise I love fruits or anything which is edible :D

Now, I know my fellow bloggers are very smart and might not do the 'seven random facts'. So, in case you guys don't want to write random facts about yourself, answer these questions-

1) Have you stopped getting those mental attacks you used to get earlier?
2) My name is "I" and Your name is "You". Tell me who is mad?
3) What means kya?
4) If you had 'Alladin's lamp' , what would you ask for me?
5) Tell me the name of the persons who shake their hands on Nokia instruments?
6) When is your birthday? 
7) I am hungry! What will you cook for me? I am a vegetarian.

Apart from these blogs I am just madly and deeply in love with Confused soul's blog. Every post by her will amaze you!

P.S. Guys, stop being the Aamir Khan of this blogging world and please accept the award! And you have to, HAVE TO do this tag! You don't have a choice :) Its a request, please!

P.P.S. Its okay if you don't write random facts about yourself. Please answer the questions as they are world's greatest mystery till today! Please enlighten me :)

P.P.P.S. I am not following all the rules. I am not informing anyone. Let them come here and get a surprise :)

P.P.P.P.S. How can my post end without asking you to bear with me! Please bear with me :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hello Males and Maals ;)

How have you been?  Did you recently thank God for my disappearance?  *tch tch* Ever heard of the phrase- Haste makes waste! Sorry, but I am back :)
Wedding in the family kept me busy. No, I am not a 'vella' otherwise! I, being the elder 'bahu' of the khandaan, was overloaded with responsibilities. Err....No, I did not goof up :D

Weddings in Delhi are a GRAND affair. Trust me, it would put all the Bollywood movies  to shame including "Hum aapke hain kaun"  which completely revolved around a wedding!
Wedding in my family is no less. You think I had fun!?! Ghanta!!

These few days were only about food, parties, mehendi, dance, shopping, parlour sessions, guests, gifts from guests, more dance and more and more food! And the after affects are loose motions and sore legs :(  But amazing fun it was!!

One more thing about weddings are sharing of rooms. Because of unlimited guests, rooms are sacrificed by the family members for the comfort of guest. Luckily, I was spared!

But something happened!  :O

                               SEXUAL  ASSAULT  :O

Relax!!! There is no need to panic! 
When I said I didn't have to share my room with the guests, I refused. Out of courtesy, baba! I mean, its rude when everyone is doing the same and you are acting as a VIP. So I decided to sleep with the maals.
But my man was unaware of this change. He slept early that night. Around midnight, he started feeling cold. Instead of switching the AC off, he started to snatch the blanket. Tried thrice but failed! 
In the end, he just entered that blanket.
Inside the blanket, he heard a scream. It belonged to my brother-in-law :D. 
He was shocked not to see me there. Next morning, he was charged for an attempt to rape :D.
And the perfect song for the situation- "Bed pe soya tha behnoi, main tanne samajh ke so gaya, mujko rani ji maaf karna, galti mahre se ho gaya :D"

As I said earlier, weddings are a grand affair. The venue of the wedding was a farmhouse. Because the wedding was in the open, we decided to book two vanity vans, just in case if there were shortage of rooms.
Something happened there also!

                            ALMOST KIDNAPPED :O

It was around 2 in the midnight. My man decides to take a small nap. He enters the van. But the small nap turned out to be a "Kumbhakaran's sleep".
He wakes up because of some movement. He is shocked to see that the van is moving! On approaching the driver, he too was shocked to see someone in the van! 
The thing is the van was booked for 12 hours. After its schedule was over, the van decided to leave. But took my man along :(
Poor guy (I mean the driver) had to come back and drop my man to the marriage venue!

Well, this is something that took place in this wedding. Now something about my wedding :) :D

                              STEALING THE SHOES!

My wedding was the first wedding in my family. Everyone decided to have loads and loads of fun. My siblings and cousins were busy making different kinds of plans.
Now let me tell you something! All my brothers and sisters are naughty, VERY naughty. (I heard you! They are exactly like me.) They did live up to their plans. 
They added salt in the ice-cream, added stone in the pan, coins in laddus, and what not! Same stuff you see in movies took place over there. 
It was time to steal the groom's shoes. On seeing the smartness of my siblings, they acted smart and mixed groom's shoes with everyone else's. But, my siblings stole everyone else's shoes too :D (whoever was present there!)
They could not digest the fact that we were smart than them. Out of revenge, they stole my sandals!
Not only this, they chose the vanity van to hide it! When I was called for "pheras", I said I couldn't go. Everyone was SHOCKED! I told them that my sandals were stolen. When the thieves (groom's friends and siblings) were asked to bring them, they found that the van has left the venue :O.
The van was called back again and the "pheras" were delayed for two good hours! :D

There are many such incidents, but some other time about them. May be, the day when you are bestowed with the power of bearing me :D
Still let me share one more incident. (Last! Pukka wala promise :D)

                        EARLY MORNING'S FIRST POOP :P

Don't go with the name! Its not as dirty as you think it to be. This incident took place after my marriage, the day I had to cook my first meal. I decided to make Chinese.  One of the dishes I cooked was 'Chilly paneer'. I was expecting lots of compliments (specially from my man) as I happen to be a good cook :D. But-

MAN- Is there any way these spring onions can come out of chilly paneer?
ME-  *blank expression*
MAN- I don't like spring onions!
Inside my head-
                                    Come in the room bacchu, You will cry without onions!

Walking away and muttering under my breath-
                                                                                                      Koi baat nahi! Kal subah apne aap nikal jayega!  (Don't worry! Tomorrow early morning, it will come out on its own!)

The sentence I was muttering under my breath was heard by one and all :/
And one and all includes around 30 elder ones of my family! :O

My family still reminds me of this! :| Awesome wala impression I made over there of "Nayi naweli dulhan"! But I was relieved when I found that everyone was laughing with their hands on their stomach and water in their eyes *phew*! 

P.S.  I am really very sorry for this long gap and even more sorry for not commenting on your posts! *Holding both my ears and doing sit-ups*  I tried to take out time and read and comment also. But still, no excuses! I am sorry.
P.P.S. Until you are bestowed with the power of bearing with me, please try to bear with me (without those powers) :D