Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! My first post!!!!!!!!! :) yippee!

Finally, I am HERE! It's been around years, okay! fine! few months actually (to be more precise- one or two, I guess), I have been thinking to join the WONDERFUL world of blogging.
Why? Well, came across a blog and found it sooooo interesting that I bookmarked it! And that lead to one after other. Still in the learning phase!
And, NO, the name of my blog doesn't mean that I am mad! I am completely sane(stop laughing! NOW!)
The fact that I wanted a blog led me to the MOST DIFFICULT TASK (yes, difficult than the roadies wala task) ever, that is, THINKING! (fine! laugh now!) WHAT WOULD THE NAME OF MY BLOG BE????
And here I was, pulling my hair and HIS hair also (sorry, but I guess you might get completely bald because of ME.......hehahahaha) for a name! And a busy man he was! On what? Well, on 'Whatsapp'.
So the tiring, the difficult, the most time consuming job of THINKING was left to ME! (woh bhi alone :( )
So, anyways..........I was thinking and thinking(stop laughing) and I said myself, "yaar, soch soch ke thak gayi!"
And HE spoke inside my head(dammit! get lost! It's my HEAD!), "Jo kaam hum bohut kam karte hain, usually tires us!"
Then a lightning striked (really it did! the weather, I tell you!) why not my Blog's name be TIRED OF THINKING!
So immediately I jumped for his opinion(as if I care).
ME  : I thought of a name!
HIM: Whatsapp? (because he was BUSY with that)
ME  :  Pagal hain kya??
HIM : (in a sarcastic way) nice name!
ME   : (lost in different world) this is not what I thought of but it's also nice!
So my dear(soon-to-be)friends and readers(if I have any :p),my blog got a name!
And I guess, this is my first post.

P.S. My name here is CD! Well, that stands for Confused D(D is my initial) Actually when they asked for a name and I, got confused(lame, I know!) because I don't have one name. Nope, not talking about those pet names which your parents, friends, doodhwalas, kachrawala and who NOT gives you! I mean the OFFICIAL NAME! Yes, I have quite a FEW OFFICIAL names!(next time on this, if anyone is interested :D)

P.P.S I wonder if anyone will EVER read this. The post script itself is as lengthy as a post :/


  1. haha.. you are a funny writer! I took a very long time to come up with a suitable blog name too. All the good ones are usually taken ;)
    Looking forward to more humorous posts!
    Just for the record, I ALWAYS read the p.s :))

  2. Girl!You made my day:)I was NOT EXPECTING a comment on my very first post!and that too so awesome wala!Thank you:) :)
    And ofcourse,good names had to be taken!They,afterall,did the hard work of THINKING!!!!
    Thanks once again:)

  3. e lo ji ek aur comment. enchanté!
    luk fwd to readin more frm ur end :)

  4. @Sadiya:OMG!(Miss.India wala moment for me)Thank you soooooo much:) :)

  5. Sweet post! Feels good to have comments on your first post, I know. Hope you have a great time blogging. :)

  6. @Sumitra:Thank you:)It feels great!Hopefully:)

  7. Hey interesting name ! I know how much time goes into naming a blog and specially when they are all taken!
    Waise confused D you are funny.. Poor guy :( I would love to read more about you, the guy and ofcourse the many official names!
    I too read all the P.S ALWAYS :D

  8. @Maithili Thanks:)My guy deserves all the sympathy:D and about official names,someday for sure(when I have more followers:D)

  9. How we stumble upon blog names is mysterious indeed. I don't remember how and why I decided to name my space the name it has but it stuck on and here we are.

    Can I impose on you this one piece of advice - would it possible for you to tone down the amount of Hindi you use in the posts so that everyone reading your blog can understand fully what you're trying to say. I say this because not everyone knows Hindi and may feel lost in parts.

    Nice and Bubbly space you've got here. Keep Writing Missy.

    1. Indeed! But it did take me a long time and yours is an amazing name! That is why everyone else said that the 'good ones are taken'!

      Aye aye Captain!! Thanks man.......and thanks a ton for the advice....your experience in the blogging world might help me to get better:)

  10. And wow, what a post. Let me go through all posts here. :))