Thursday, February 2, 2012


The title of the post has nothing to do with its content. And now that KBC is over, my chance of winning five crores is a complete dream!(I am anyways not that intelligent)

 Yes, this is what this post is about. My dream or should I say a nightmare(Don't run! Its little less scary when compared to my posts:D) Actually it is a part 2 of my previous post which in case, you are interested you can read itthe.Because I gave you this link means you will for sure read and comment, the link is here means you should read it and have to read it(making a puppy face)

Anyways, its okay if you dont read it, it was anyways bullshit I will begin from the beginning and please don't run.....its a scary dream and I might need you to comment to be there if I am scared. So this nightmare occurred because of result of watching the movie 'Nightmare on the elm street' where someone kills people in their dreams(I couldn't finish the movie so don't expect details). Here begins my nightmare (STOP saying- 'finally here she goes')

I was in a crowded place, it was a wedding or a social gathering, I don't remember! I was playing with a swiss knife which I bought for my man from my last visit to Nainital (nice na! planning to gift him on valentines day :D) I was playing with that VERY VERY SHARP knife and giving poses infront of the mirror and suddenly..............................

I slice my neck and it falls on the floor(sad but I am not dead!). Suddenly *poof* appears Raaj Kumar(RK).

RK (in his signature style) : Yeh bacchon ke khelne ki cheez nahi, haath kat jaaye toh khoon nikal aata hain!
CD (holding her mundi with the help of her pony) : Oye uncle! Pehle batane ko nahi hota kya and please PLEASE vicks ki goli lo, khich khich dur karo!
RK : ............................(staring blankly)
CD : And FYI, my neck is cut and there is no blood!
RK : Bhoot! Bhaago!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And he is gone *sigh*)

Me, still with the mundi in my hand wondering why isn't there any blood. Am I a ghost or my brain is filled with ghaas-phus that there is no space for blood :O

My man sreams 'happy realization' inside my head which is no more in its original place!

Anyways, I move away from the mirror (because I my VERY scared to see myself like this) and try to adjust the mundi on my shoulder. It falls and I try again and hold it tight to save it from getting hurt! I go to my man for help and advice. Lets call him X (No, he is not my ex!! I just named him X here)

ME : X, I need your help!
X     : For what, To help you in scaring the kids or help you in throwing the popcorns in the air to show that its snowing or to..............
ME : Enough, I know what I did! I NEED your help!
X     : Are you alright, Do you have fever?
He comes near and touches my forehead and there goes my mundi :((
X     : Bachaoo!!!
ME  : This is what you say when nothing happens, I need variety X! Tell me something new that I have never heard from you!
X     : Really???? Okay! How dare you! I never expected this from you! Get lost!
ME  : That was lame!
X     : I know but how did this happen? (secretly, he is happy about it)
I tell him how it happened (aur tujhe toh main dekh lungi bacchu!!!)
X     : Hmm......Lets go to the doctor! He will stitch it and you will be normal again.
ME : No, I am scared of the pain. It might hurt while he stitches. Lets just let it be like this and this will be our secret! And I can easily scare everyone by showing them this avatar of mine!
X    : You can scare them in your original avatar also!!!
ME : But, I can even protect the world na, I mean I will scare the bad people and villains and I will be popular. I will be known as MUNDILESS WOMAN and movies would be made on me.........................
X    : Wake up you brainless woman! 
ME :  Baby!! Please schweet cutie pie.....
X    :  But you might scare yourself also when you see yourself like this in the mirror!
ME :  thinking(he is right, I did get scared) smart boy!
X    : Lets go now!
We visit the doctor and he stitches it.
From the MUNDILESS WOMAN, I become a brainless girl again! No chance of stardom, no single chance of being popular :(

Next day, I wake up and first thing I do is check my head on my shoulder and Yes, its there (now I wont be scared to check the mirror :D). Later, I tell my man about this dream and tell him how scared I was. Instead of coo-chi-cooing me he has one doubt in his head!


And also the valentines day surprise gift was reaveled:(( Will have to think of something else.

P.S.    I had to torcher you with this post because I promised to complete it in my next post!(please, PLEASE bear with me)


  1. Oh ji, please bas karo - can't take this pain in my tummy anymore.

    ROTFL, LMAO! (Net lingo, can't help hai ji) ;-)

    1. hehe.....Thank you so much hain ji! Glad you liked:)

  2. Oh my gawd.. what a weird dream !

    1. Weird? This is toh normal na? Anyways, this is only the trailer, picture toh abhi baki hain mere dost:) Thanks for reading:)

  3. your love life must be boring..

  4. OMG !! what a scary dream.. Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment.. following u...

  5. Dreams can be so strange and interesting...not to mention very frightening!

  6. I think this recursive program defines your posts:
    int main(){
    read CD's post;
    laugh-riot follows;

    :P :D :D

    P.S.: I know this is an infinite loop. But believe me, this happens to me every time I read your post :)

  7. hehe.....Kucch zyada ho gaya!! :D
    But I am still happy :) :) :)

  8. Oh my! This had me laughing clutching my sides, with my Mom making 'Daughter gone on crazy mode, must I call the Doctor?' expressions.
    You are absolutely brilliant.

    P.S: Your man asked you THAT? After you telling him the story of your nightmare. Tch! Tch!
    P.P.S.: Did I mention how awesome this post is? *Scrolls up*. Oh ! I did.
    P.P.P.S: I once dreamed my brother cut his head. And boy! Wah that scary!!


  9. hehe.....thank you so much!
    Yes, he asked me! *sob.....sob*
    Thank you so much! You are making my day by reading my posts!
    Bad dreams about beloved ones happen to be much more scary!