Thursday, February 9, 2012


Aree....aree....mujhko sambhalo, main chali (Now, in croaked voice, sing along I know you are an expert) aree gadbad ho gayi.........aree sitti baj gayi.....aree chutti ho gayi (back to your own i.e croaked voice) apna juluss tum nikalo main chali.........

Masst song na? I know:D

Heard of the phrase 'disaster queen' or something as 'Queen of blunders'. Yes? Good!

Saw her? No? Its okay! You will meet her shortly.

My life has FEW incidents  which make me one.

1)  I am not much of a movie person. I try watcing only selected few. But the fact is that any movie I choose, turns out to be a bigger disaster (Yes, my posts are little ones when compared to these movies) Heard of 'Jhoom barabar Jhoom' ,'Tashan' ,'Kites' ,'Jhootha Hi Sahi', 'Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag', Aree.........the same ones with which you scared your little ones and is still used as third degree torcher in all the police departments. What???? Even google shows 'no results'. It was the last ray of  my hope to remind you of these movies (No, you have done nothing wrong and I do not hold any grudge against you...Okay! Whatever!) I have watched all of these (Yes, hire a hitman and get me killed, now!) But, seriously, tell me- Don't you think I deserve some kind of bravery award or something. One more thing, I don't know if something is wrong with me but I still like 'Jhootha Hi Sahi' (Am I normal?!? Hell, no! I am Confused, Confused D i.e, CD!!!) Whatever that was!

2)  Talking about movies, ever had a friend who always kills the suspense? How dare you ask me if I was one of them!!! I am gonna sue you even if you are a lawyer! Kidding baba (I would never take such risks) Actually I am one of them *hiding her face* Please don't hate me!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone said 'Race' was a movie with more twists and turns than they have in a hot, yummy, crispy jalebi(Yumm......zyada khaoge....mote ho jaoge...SO CONTINUE READING!!) But, I being me, judged the entire story after 15 minutes of its beginning( No, I did not watch the hollywood wala version, if there was any) and WHOAAA every single word I utterred was upto the mark! Don't worry! I never do the same with books! (What?? No, You just can't stop talking to me because of point 1 and 2. After all I am a human and - To err is human (me) and to forgive is demon divine (you)!:))

No prize for guessing that I did not have company for many of my next movies and that explains why I am not much into movies!

3)  Okay! I am sure everyone travels by train. One wise advice from the heavens - Never, like NEVER EVER board a train in which I am travelling. No, I won't bore you to death! But trains I travel in, be it whichever, even like Rajdhani, tends to delay! I know its not a Big deal. We Indians have our own Indian Stretchable Time. But, how about 13 hours :O Yeah, I know! The trains I travelled has been THIS late! Least is 8 hours and maximum till date is 13 hours late. No, you idiot, this does not happen with the metros!

 4)  I am sure everyone is scared of injections. Well, I am just not scared of them. I get HORRIFIED at the sight of injections!!! I will cover my eyes and mute the volume even if this sight happens to be on television and face to face, toh.......don't even ask! You might be a brave person but I might just scare the shit out of you.
I am sure you must be thinking, big deal.....blah....blah and all but thats not it! I slapped (skip this if you can't read it........I AM NOT increasing the size of the font there!!) Yes.....Yes (hiding my face in the pillow which has dozens of more pillows and which has a huge pile of clothes that you all have not washed in the last decade, this pile does not include undergarments! Come on! I am sure you washed them and Yeah, the pile of clothes doesn't smell bad!) I literally slapped  a poor fellow who was just trying to convince me that it wouldn't hurt and poor thing...........Next hand and his face!! I am so very ashamed of this particular incident even today :(( This happened two years back.

5)  Hehe...........I am not writing about my blunders any more! This must have already created an everlasting impression.

6)  There is nothing about point 6. I am just going to eat those hot, yummy, crispy jalebis which was mentioned above:)

7)  Nothing important about point 7 also. Just wanted to say that please enjoy the post(hadd hain yar!! atleast try toh karo......and try until you succeed!!) while I enjoy my jalebis :D


  1. haha.. your posts always make me laugh! 8hr train delay?? :O

  2. And your comment always makes me smile:)and 8 hour is the minimum, maximum is 13hr :(

  3. Lol ! very funny post.. I am used to the train delay's BTW but never 13 hrs.. you broke record :P

  4. :(( Yes.....I am sure you would never want to board the train I travel in:(

  5. Funny post! Of all those movies, I only watched Jhoom Barabar.. it was so horrifying! Most of the times, I select good movies to watch :D But yeah, I'm good at guessing what's going to happen next too!

    1. :D Thanks....Jhoor Barabar Jhoom was nothing less than a torcher! Glad we survived:)

  6. Nice blog! =)

  7. Haha. nice one. I am one of those 'must watch one movie each day kinds', so have seen every single one that you mentioned. So understand the pain :)

    Injections sure scare the hell out of my brother more than me. He was once thrown out of clinic coz he asked the doctor to give the injection on his bum .... Only catch was that he was 29 at that time and it was a lady doc (30ish) alone in her clinic.

  8. *hi5* about the movie wala pain:)
    hahaha....that must have been really embarassing for your brother. It is brave of him to ask the female doc to do so but still can't stop laughing!

  9. I saw JBJ too and gosh that was a horrendous experience :P ..
    Btw funny post and tu full on tp hai re.. trains delay..shoot I dnt wanna be in that position :P ..

    Like your blog..nice work :D

  10. Thank you thank you :P chalo kissi ne toh pehchana:D
    *hi5* on surviving JBJ!!

  11. So upbeat you are :)
    Pssssttt... I liked Jhootha Hi Sahi too..

    1. hehe....thank you thank you!!
      *hi5* on liking JHS. We shall watch it together someday:)

  12. Energetic, Extempore, Entertaining, Womanly ( i'd say girly but you rather come across as the girly chick who has her fun and still expects to be referred to as "a lady").. seems to be central to soo many of your blogs.
    and Eminem-o-matic. spontaneity, honesty, frantic chaotic pace of satire, and occaisional dash of audience abuse :P
    so basically, "EEEW!"
    jus kiddin, maybe your wit and throwin punches at the reader rubbed off a little on me ;)
    its fun to read your blogs, keep em comin, girl!
    and thanks a lot for stopping by @ verbal diarrhoea. makes me superhappy to have made it to your dashboard, assuming you read more than just a coupla posts!

    1. Thank you soo much!! Loved the words you used to describe me! And I am taking that 'EEEW' as a compliment ;) And audience abuse :O I would never do that :P I am glad you enjoyed:) Ofcourse, I read almost all your posts and my hand itches to comment on the old ones. Could I do that?? It could be VERY VERY old.

  13. I have watched all those movies too! are not alone :)

    1. I understand your pain:P
      Thanks for reading :)

  14. Am i glad i read that ... i have been named trip magnet.. and wierd enough accidents seem to find me .. sigh .. but Movies as such .. nah never :D .....

    errr .. yea, that kind of an annoying person .. who tells you what the film/book is all about ... ugghhh ... so hate them .....

    Train??? really ... hehheheh .... awww... dont blame urself sweets , our Trains are suposed to be such :P

    Great read ... u r simply fabbbbbb

    1. hehe...So I am not alone ;) You seem to be lucky with the movies!

      :(( I never do that with books and with movies :D

      Ofcourse!! Its the trains mistake! Not mine :D

      Awww....thank you!

  15. Ha! Brilliant post! Where DO you get these songs from? I've never heard of it.
    *You slapped a guy. Tch! Tch!*
    I love the way your posts change tracks from the actual topic and wanders into 'God knows where this topic came from'.

    Keep Writing!


  16. Thank you so much baby :)
    Youtube this song. You will LOVE it! Made for 'pagals' like us :D
    Yaar, don't remind me about that slap! I am still ashamed of it. Poor guy!
    I just can't stick to one thing and so the topic changes! I have no idea HOW!
    Keep visiting :)