Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have been tagged for the first time! Yay!! You know, while I was reading  this post from  Visha, I was wondering and hoping to get tagged. Confused D was written on the list of names but I was so confused that I clicked on it to verify if it was my blog or someone else's  :/  So, here I am with my tag. Thank you  Visha :)

There were some rules which Visha said was alright if not followed. But in short, it is about informing the world how crazy you are and answering few questions that fellow blogger has asked :)

So eleven things about me are -:

1) My name is CD. It stands for Confused D. It is because I have many 'official' names! Whenever a person asks, "Beta, what's your name?" My answer is, "Wait, I'll ask mom!"
By the time I reach mom for an answer, the background of my mind plays -'What's my name! What's MY NAME?!? WHAT'S MY NAME?????? shielaaaa...........Shiela ki jawani......I'm too sexy for you :D.....main tere haath na aani!!'  No, I am not exaggerating. This actually happens!

2) I cannot fall asleep until someone pats me to sleep. My man does that religiously EVERY-SINGLE-NIGHT! And if he is out on a tour, I pat myself to sleep :D

3) If the patting doesn't put me to sleep, I start playing antakshri. No, not with my man! I play it with myself. You see.....I have many names, no! I divide myself in two teams and start singing. No, I am not talking about singing songs in my heart. I actually sing them aloud! Then   there are a set of rules which, if not followed leads to argument between the teams. No, I DO NOT NEED A SHRINK!!!! So this antakshari followed with an argument makes me tired and that is when I fall asleep!

4) I feel earthquake tremors a lot, like a LOOOOOTTTTT!!!!! All the time, I have this feeling that the earth below me is shaking. No, its not because of my dancing!  Twice, it so happened that there were real tremors and I did not react thinking them to be my imagination!

5) Because of the earthquake tremors, my man falls from the bed EVERY-SINGLE-NIGHT :D What the hell, You think I push him from the bed!?! Huh!! Yes, I dance when I am asleep but my man falls because of the tremors.

6) I get very weird dreams. My blog posts are nothing when compared to those dreams. I have the habit of noting down every dream in a diary. hThis post of mine narrates one of my dream.

7) I faint at the thought of writing poetry! If I am asked to make an attempt, all I would write is- Cat met a rat,
      They had awesome sex, 
      on the mat.
I used the word 'awesome sex' here so that people don't misunderstand it to be written by a three month baby.

8) Although I am a girl, I still can keep secrets for ever and hate gossiping! Once my grandmom (who happens to be a lady Hitler) was sharing someone's secret with me and other  members. I freaked out on her saying that, "Can't anyone trust you with their secrets!"  My family still reminds me of this bravery act of mine!

9) I am a ball magnet. Give your non-vegetarian mind a bit of rest. I mean football, basketball, tennis ball, cricket ball and all balls available in the store near you. Wherever I am,  if someone happens to play with a ball around, it will automatically come to me! My man is  scared to watch cricket and football matches on television with me! If the ball attraction increases even one more percent, I am sure they would break my television screen and come and land on my lap!

10) I love my books, laptop, camera, cell phone, iPod, balloons(vegetarian balloons) and all my gadgets a LOT. I cannot share these with anyone! You ask for it and I will say a straight NO! I might give the book but will want it back immediately! If not returned in few days, I will spam your inbox, facebook wall with the 'Return book immediately' message! (I know balloon is not a gadget but I just LOOOVVVEEEE balloons. If you see any kid crying because someone has stolen his/her balloon, the thief could be me :D)

11) I cannot lie. No, its not that I consider it a bad habit, its just that I am a bad liar. I am given instructions, things-to-say are told beforehand, I prepare myself mentally but when the time to talk comes, Ijustblurtoutthetruth! So, whenever situations demands a lie, I keep my mouth SHUT! In fact, that is the only time when I am quiet :D

      Haashh!!! Finally done! You know, I can go on and on and on! But I am sure after reading this you must be thinking, "she is dangerous to mankind. She should not move freely on the roads!" But trust me, people around me did try to put me in the nearest mental hospital. But as soon as the Agra Mental Hospital people found that I was coming, they shut it down! Huh!

Now the 11 questions-:

1) Early riser or a late sleeper - Both actually. Late sleeper because of my sleeping habits I mentioned above and early riser because there is a rule at my place that every 'BAHU' is supposed to come out of their rooms before 7. And yes, they cannot step out without a bath! Typical Marwari family!

2) Holiday on a beach or a mountain - Holiday on a beach. I don't mind if anyone sponsors my holiday :D

3)List the cities you have lived in so far - A city in Nepal (I was born there) then Vijayawada, Rajahmundry and now Delhi. These are the places where I spent more than five years of my life. I can list few more places but they come under five category.

4) What kind of music do you like - Acoustic music, unplugged and sufi.

5) How many BFFs do you have - Three.

6) Last movie you saw - Kahani. Everyone is giving the same answer for this question!

7) Name of your first school - Arniko Boarding School.

8) What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'first love' - If not fulfilled, make it your password :D Kidding. But there are too many to list- A kids smile, winters, food, my man, balloons.......Its a never ending list  :)

9) What is the first thing you notice when you go to a restaurant - Ambience.

10) List the most inspiring bloggers to you - Everyone in this blogging world. Trust me, I mean it! They are the only reason I started blogging. 

11) Blogging to you is - Free means to read from awesome writers and you can also let them know how you feel about it :) Blogging is only about reading. I just can't write. I am learning to write.

Okay...I am done. I plan to tag my fellow bloggers also. I know after reading this stuff, its a bit  difficult but still, bear with me :)


  1. wow..that tag was done well.. Gotta know quite a few fun stuff...good going CD :D

    1. hehe...Thanks! There's more in store. Will reaveal them slowly :)
      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Awwww...thats a sweet post, i loved the cat and rat rhyme. Trust me girl, every comment of yours let my imagination run wild at the drop of a hat:P Balls and balloons and stuff;)

    1. Thank you :) Cat and rat rhyme- It took me ages to come out with this :D

  3. I am laughing loud over the cat meets rat poem. They had awesome sex :P Wow! And yea, everyone says Kaahani. I would too :)

    1. hehe....thanks :)Very intelligent poen na?
      Oh yaa, everyone saw Kahini!

  4. CD eeeeeeeeeeeee,


    I am rolling on the floor here. God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sampling these:

    I have this feeling that the earth below me is shaking. No, its not because of my dancing! - hehehehehehe !

    and this--

    I used the word 'awesome sex' here so that people don't misunderstand it to be written by a three month baby - HEHEHEHEHEHEHE

    This was such a fun read CD :)
    Really nice to know more about you :)

    You're such a fun person CD :) Glad to have met you !

    1. Toffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
      Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much! :) :)
      Trust me with the earthquake thing, My man wants me to take to the doctor :/

      haha.....Okay! You tell me, if there was not this word, wouldn't you think the same? :D

      Aww......I am super happy to have met you too :)

  5. Your poem about the cat and rat is too good :D

  6. You actually ask yourself, "What's my name?" Bwahaha ! No wonder Sheila ki jawani starts to play after that =P
    And I've played antaakshri with myself too. YESITSOUNDSCRAZY but I'm glad I know someone who does that too , just that I don't divide myself into two teams =D
    Weird dreams? I never. ever remember my dreams except the VERY freaky ones :S and 7* hahahahahaha. There's a thing called blank verse, naii? Usee it! And 8* DITTO. :)
    This was fun. Always good to read about people.

    1. Not only what's my name, but 'main hun kaun......main hun kaun??' I am totally confused about my name!
      *hi5* NO, we are not crazy!!! Infact all the others are :D
      Actually this is the problem that I easily forget! So I note it down :)
      Blank verse.....! Madamm!! Shakespeare used it! I can't even think of it!
      *hi5* on 8th point :)
      Thanks for reading sweety :) :) :)

  7. CD
    Thought of taking a break from work and landed on your blog.
    You know what? After the recent quakes of Delhi, I've started feeling quakes quite frequently these days(and they are caused by some heavy vehicle crossing near my home mostly).
    And yes, I rarely try a poem in English(read don't want to sound childish at this age of 28 :D ).
    And everyone in my office knows that never ever ask for a pen from me. I hate to give my pen to anyone and there are very few lucky ones allowed to touch my laptop. B-)

    1. You wanted to take a break from your work and now I am sure you must be breaking your head after reading this :P
      Aree......not because of vehicles....It just happens!
      hehe......I can't try poem in any language! :D
      Exactly! Even I am possessive about few of my stuff :)

  8. Meri pyaari Confused D!!!!!

    Loved every bit of this post. Cant pinpoint any single fact which is not-LOL-worthy.

    Noone used to believe me there is an earthquake. I used to think why only I feel the tremors. The next day when the papers used to carry the quake report then I would feel smug the whole day...hehhehe...

    Oh poor CD ke Mr..I am sure you keep a soft mattress on the floor to break your man's fall... ;)

    Hi five on the books and camera bit :D

    same here about stepping out before 7 after taking a bath... *same pinch* :) :)

    Glad to have tagged to know more about u :)

    1. hehe......Pyaariest Visha,
      Thank you so much for reading and tagging :)
      Same one feels the tremors except for me! But the newspaper guys never publish about the tremors I feel, and then I feel like a fool!
      hehe.....No mattress :D just used to such events :P and I agree with the bichara part :D
      *hi5* :D
      *same pinch* to you too but what is with them on not letting us sleep! Can't they sleep and let sleep?
      Thank you for tagging :)

  9. First time on your blog.. and my luck, got to know you better... :) so do your relly dance in your sleep???

    1. Dammit!!! I made an ever lasting impression over here!! :(
      hehe....Yes that too without any music :D Awesome na :P

    2. And yes, keep visiting :)

  10. OMG!!!
    The best thing I've ever read in the "about me" section!:P
    (I am not saying this to impress you :D)
    The poem, Bwahahaha, awesome!
    LOL , and u say, you learning to write, HEHEHE! :D
    As I always say,
    I am ever ready to bear you ! ;)

    1. hehe...Thanks! Thats just plain me :D don't have to put efforts to impress me! Your writing is already impressive and your name, ofcourse :)
      hehe....Thanks! I tried so hard and came out of this one :P
      Aree....I actually am learning! This is the way I talk. Its like I am having a conversation :)
      hehe...Thanks :)

  11. I thought I had met enough psycho in the blogger space. U take it to a different level altogether!!! :D

    1. hehe....I am taking it as a complimen :D

  12. Haha you're one funny chick :D
    I wish someone could pat me off to sleep! :P

    1. hehe....Thank you...thank you! :)
      Oh Yes! Someone patting you to sleep is awesome! I know I am lucky :D
      Thanks for reading Philo :)

  13. (Slowly lifting self from ground after a terrible bout of ROTFL, wiping away tears of laughter)

    Ok...Ok, we're back in business with this one CD ji...Aapke blog ko koi na padhe - WOH zaroor paagal hai.. play anthakshari with....yourself? Hmmmmmm....(scratches chin, idea forming in the brain)

    Naaah, just kidding. Awesome post, by an awesome blogger... :)

    1. haha....You made my day with this compliment! Actually padhe ya na padhe-pagal toh sab hain :D
      Yupp....Every night and in case any idea forms in your mind after reading anthakshari point, please do not forget to give the courtesy :D (You know to whom na? or should I mention :P)
      An super awesome blogger calling me awesome!!! :O *slapping and pinching myself 'n' times*

  14. Hello CD.. How do you do CD .. :)

    wow Really (point 2) Good MAN :)

    Excellent answer's


    1. Hello Bikram...How do you do Bikram :)
      Yes, really (point 2) A good man...Indeed :)
      Thank you Bikram. You have excellent questions over there!

  15. You redefine the word 'poetry'. Seriously , LOLS .
    And mere ko bhi likhna kuch nahi aata ..heheh . I am here only to read some awesome blogs :D :P ...that's all

  16. heyyyy tht was *HILARIOUS*!!! xD
    OMFG!! everything in it,... starting frm ur NAME... to ur sleeping pattern.. the earthquake tremors... and 'THE BEST'... the antakshri.. and the following arguments....!!!xD =D
    gosh, Its been sooo longgggg tht I lafed after readin a blog...!
    geeeee... Im gona share it...!! ;)
    [I'll make u famous CD!!;):P ] hahahahhaa...

    phewwwww... my face goes pink n start jumpin on the floor and if I laf harder I literraly strt rolling on the floor...! :P
    nd tht is wat ur post did to me..! :P :P

    1. OMFG!!!! Are you an angel in disguise!! Atleast for me you are! You made my day :)
      If you actually laughed like this, then trust me, I am dancing out of happiness!! :D
      I owe you one :)
      You are the best Miss. Aditi and I forgot to mention- You look a lot like Aditi Rao Hydari :) and you have same names too!(Am I the first one to say so or you are used to such compliments? :) )

  17. Well, to be honest, I don't usually even smile while reading when people say their post is funny!(Except for RED and few more bloggers!) :D But , Girl, this is hilarious. I mean I almost fall from bed on that "Pat myself" thing. And congrats for getting tagged ;) You deserve it.

    1. Confused D? :P
    3. Consult a doc, you suffer from multiple-personality disorder :D. Don't worry, you will get well soon ;)
    4/5.Oh, you are married. Didn't know it. And I am sure you the one who pushes him! :P
    7. Haha, give it a try. It's all emotions :)
    9. //I am a ball magnet. Give your non-vegetarian mind a bit of rest - Damn! Mine is definitely not vegetarian :( . The first thought after reading the sentence was...Right in the bull's eye :D
    11. Everyone lies :S You just need to practice it.

    1. Bingo! You are Marvari? :D Haha, I know it sucks! My mom still follows that rule :S
    8. Yeah , nice suggestion! So that every-time you type it, it will remind you how much your first love sucked! :P

    As I said, a nice read indeed. Keep Rocking! ;)

    1. What should I say now! :D I am honoured that you laughed :P You make this tag thing sound like an award :D But it is no less :)
      The way yuo gave an opinion about every single point proves that you read the post :D

      1) Yupp :D
      2) :D
      3) You sure na, I will get well soon?
      4/5) Oh! Even you din't know that!?! And shhh....Don't tell anyone about the pushing thing :P
      7) I guess you are right. I will someday :)
      9) haha....I knew it!! That is why i mentioned it in particular :D
      11) I agree! But the guilt factor is soooo much that I just can't! I will hide and will keep my mouth shut but lying- I just don't know :/

      1) It sucks BIG TIME! Its kind of a vacation when in-laws are not in town or whenever I happen to be in my hometown :D
      8) haha....:P

      Btw you missed my answer for second question :P I actually won't mind, Trust me :P

  18. Such an honest and sweet post CD. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about you. :) Oh, I play antakshari with myself too, but only when I'm alone :D Your cat and rat poem is excellent, I only say so because I cannot write even that when it comes to poetry :D

    1. I am so glad you liked it :)
      haha...I am glad I am not the only one :D
      Rat and cat poem was good na? I KNEW IT!! :P

  19. Hahaha, such a random post. :)
    So now I knw where does the name "CD" comes frm....confused D....D for Diksha? just guessing...and oh the world is so perverted....BALL Magnet. :P

    1. haha....not random actually, this happens to be my about me section :P
      Exactly....C for confused and D happens to be myinitial and how I wish that D stood for Diksha, its a beautiful name.
      Totally and that is why I mentioned!

  20. hehe, everybody has some typical random traits...

  21. Agree on point#9 in your answers :-)